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Construction Law

Reams Law represents homeowners, contractors and subcontractors in Oklahoma. Construction projects do not always go smoothly, leaving involved parties facing potential costly liability, damages, and lawsuits.

Property Owners

Oklahomans all too often engage with a contractor to build or remodel their homes, only to encounter delays, additional costs, defects, breach of promises and deceit. A project that would bring a family’s dream to fruition, turns to a nightmare when the contractor ceases to function, subcontractors start filing mechanics’ liens and making claims for reimbursement, or even sue in court. Reams Law can assist homeowners navigate such difficulties that arise during the construction process.

Liens and Bonds

Lien and bond issues are common in disputes between homeowners, contractors, and subcontractors. When a homeowner’s new construction is suddenly stalled after receiving notice of a mechanics’ or materialmen’s lien, Reams Law can help determine whether the lien is even valid, and respond with a demand for release when they are not. Filing a bond may be the answer, paying the subcontractor, or even pursuing legal claims in court. Each circumstance is different.


Reams Law also helps subcontractors caught in the middle between a homeowner and contractor, left with little choice but to file a lien, otherwise the statutory time limit would prevent them from ever being paid.


Regardless of fault, contractors may find themselves at the center of blame when construction projects go wrong. Material delays, product defects, or subcontractor failures can give rise to costly damages to property owners and workers, triggering legal claims and lawsuits. Reams Law helps contractors prosecute and defend lawsuits.

Construction Litigation

Sometimes construction difficulties are catastrophic. An entire build burns down or material and workmanship of a completed project turns out to be defective, the whole project is a financial loss, the property owner sues, and everyone involved finds themselves as defendants. Reams Law handles the prosecution or defense of such construction lawsuits.