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Dangerous Products


If you have been injured by a product you likely have a product liability claim against the companies that designed, manufactured, distributed, marketed, assembled, and sold that product. They have strict duties to you under Oklahoma law to ensure that the products you buy and use are safe. A product liability action filed in court is one made by someone or a group of people injured from a product that was dangerously designed, manufactured, or the instructions and warnings were defective, making the product more dangerous than expected.

Nearly any product in your home or business, or even those owned by others but used by you, can give rise to a product liability lawsuit, including:

Dangerous drugs
Dangerous medical devices
• Toys
• New designs in scooters and bicycles
• Hover boards
• Construction equipment
• Lawn equipment
• Tools
• Paints and glues
• Bathroom devices – hair dryers and curling irons
• Kitchen equipment – crock pots, blenders, toaster ovens
• Humidifiers
• Extension chords
• CFL lights
• Detergents and dishwasher pods
• Trampolines
• Fences
• Footwear
• ATV’s
• Porches and balconies
• Garden tools
• Seatbelts and airbags
• Ladders and stepstools
• Chemicals
• Pools and hot tubs
• Power tools
• Showers and bathtubs
• Playground equipment
• Doors and screens
• Walls and ceilings
• Beds
• Chairs and couches
• Fad cutting and kitchen devices and knives
• Furniture
• Carpets, rugs, and flooring


If you or your loved one has been seriously injured by a dangerous product, the experienced attorneys at Reams Law will fight for the compensation you are entitled to and advise you of your rights. Austin Reams has practiced law for over 15 years. Prior to founding Reams Law, Austin defended many companies in product liability actions. Now Austin applies his courtroom experience to prosecute claim on behalf of individuals and their families who have been injured by dangerous and defective products in Oklahoma.


If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product you may have a product liability claim. Even if you did not buy the product yourself, or you were loaned or given the product, or you were a passenger in a vehicle, you may be able to file a lawsuit.

Who can be sued for product liability?

Every person and company in the chain from design, manufacture, marketing, transportation, selling, assembly, wholesaling, retailers, and lessors and loaners can potentially be sued for a defective product. Designers and manufacturers of the product or its various parts and pieces may be liable to compensate you for your injuries. In Oklahoma, these people and companies are “strictly liable,” meaning they may be liable to you whether they knew the product was dangerous or not.

Product Liability Attorneys in Oklahoma?

Reams Law practices in areas throughout Oklahoma, including Oklahoma City, Edmond, Tulsa, Lawton, Norman, Stillwater, Ardmore, Midwest City, Moore, Kingston, Crest, Pawnee, Ada, Ponca City, Dacoma, Alva, Woodward, Cherokee, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, Tuttle, Harrah, Yukon, El Reno, Mustang, Medford, Deer Creek, Enid, Cleo Springs, Wellston, Billings, Prague, Perkins, and in counties including, Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, Canadian County, Tulsa County, Payne County, Osage County, Garfield County, Bryan County, Alfalfa County, and may others.

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