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Insurance Law

When making an insurance claim, the deck is often stacked against the people who paid for the policy. In Oklahoma, an insurance company generally owes duties to investigate, evaluate and pay benefits to policy holders. The unfortunate truth is that it is often more profitable for the insurance company to commit bad faith by cancelling policies, refusing to properly evaluate the value of a claim, or just rejecting valid claims outright. Companies know that more often than not an insured will not question its behavior. Insurers are counting on the lack of information about how claims are evaluated.

On average, the amount of money saved by an insurance company from its bad faith far outweighs the risk of loss it may face from a valid lawsuit, giving them incentive to commit bad faith. What’s more, even when a lawsuit is filed, challenging extreme and outrageous behavior, the insurance company may still respond by hiring high-priced attorneys to fight the victim at every turn, despite its brazen misconduct. Don’t think that just because an insurance treats you with contempt or acts like you’re ridiculous for asking questions that its living up to its responsibilities under the law. Reams Law has the experience and diligence to take on such companies, prosecuting the claims of insureds to the fullest extent of their rights, including:

  • Bad Faith Claims
  • Automotive Policies
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Fraud & Constructive Fraud Claims
  • Intentional & Negligent Misrepresentation
  • Cancer Policies
  • Supplemental Policies
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Homeowner Policies
  • Fire, Earthquake & Flood Losses
  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists

Contact us if your insurance claim is denied. We have the experience you need to press your insurance company to live up to its obligations to you. We can provide a consultation regarding your claim for insurance fraud, cancer insurance claims, home owners claims, fire and auto insurance claims, and more.

Contact Reams Law to represent you when your insurance company doesn’t pay. Your insurance may be acting in bad fain in denying your claim, and such misbehavior may include delaying payments to you, underpaying you, failing or refusing to investigate your claim, refusing to payment, failing to evaluate your claim, “reserving rights” to refuse to pay you or refusing to defend you if you are sued.

Call Reams Law if you’ve made on your insurance policy and believe you have been treated in bad faith. Maybe you’ve made a claim on your insurance policy, but your insurance company only paid for part of the damages or expenses you suffered, while you’re still suffering from other damages and expenses. What can you do when your insurance company fails to fully pay? Contact Reams Law at (405) 235-6878.