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Real Estate

If you own a home, land or commercial property, you understand that legal challenges arise from time to time. Reams Law can provide assistance on a variety of needs:

  • Guidance through a real estate transaction
  • Property rezoning
  • Easement requests from a city
  • City council approval to build or use property
  • Nuisance
  • Trespass
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Challenge “quiet title” actions

We can assist you in property sale negotiations, drafting contracts, protecting your title rights, and litigating contractual and construction disputes. If you are property owner, contractor, developer, landlord, manager of property, or builder, contact Reams Law to discuss your unique needs and specifications.

As part of the many services, we can guide you through the process of a land sale, prepare promissory notes and mortgages, draft property sale contracts, prepare and file quiet title actions, defendant against quiet title actions, prepare or defend against mechanic’s liens, as well as prepare and file property deeds. We can also handle landlord tenant issues for either side, and can assist in resolving lease disputes, before and after a case is filed.

In this area of aggressive land speculators, Reams Law has helped those how have had their rightful property effectively stolen from them by “quiet title” actions without proper notice, or come under attack by baseless mechanic’s liens. Don’t be bullied out of your property rights! Reams Law has the experience to press for your property rights in court if circumstances warrant. Contact Reams Law firm for a free initial consultation.

Contact Reams Law for service in a broad range of legal areas regarding real estate.

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