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Ever feel like your insurance company has denied your claim without doing any kind of investigation? Did the insurance company talk to any people? Did it request any documents or information? Did the insurance company come to your house to see the damage, did it go to the scene of the accident, or have an

Contact Reams Law if you are in a dispute with your insurance company regarding the amount of your insurance claim. Even if your insurance company admits that you have a valid claim, but still disputes how much it should pay you, do not forget that an insurer still has a duty to pay undisputed amounts.

Have you made an insurance claim on your State Farm homeowner’s policy for fire, hail, wind, earthquake or other damage? Do you believe that you weren’t paid enough, that the insurance company didn’t properly investigate or evaluate your claim? CONTACT REAMS LAW. Your insurance company owes you duties to properly process, evaluate, investigate or pay