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Contact Reams Law if you were injured after a slip and fall at a business, restaurant, or public place. Reams Law / (405) 285-6878. Can your plaintiff’s slip and fall case survive summary judgment without a flooring expert? The hypothetical: Plaintiff visits a retail store, slips on an open and unobstructed floor, without any water,

Has your UM insurance company denied your claim on the basis that it is supposedly ‘unable to determine if the value of your insurance claim exceeds the liability coverage’ of the other person who injured you? Has your UM insurer refused to pay your UM claim because it is “unable to determine if any UM

Ever feel like your insurance company has denied your claim without doing any kind of investigation? Did the insurance company talk to any people? Did it request any documents or information? Did the insurance company come to your house to see the damage, did it go to the scene of the accident, or have an

Contact Reams Law if you are in a dispute with your insurance company regarding the amount of your insurance claim. Even if your insurance company admits that you have a valid claim, but still disputes how much it should pay you, do not forget that an insurer still has a duty to pay undisputed amounts.

If you’ve been in a car, truck or motorcycle crash, contact the Reams Law Firm in Oklahoma for assistance. (405) 285-6878 / (800) 593-1974. After an accident, whether you are at fault or another driver negligently hit you, you will have questions. What are my rights? Should I report the accident to my insurance company?

Austin Reams of the Reams Law Firm is now admitted to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri! Oil & Gas Contract Disputes Insurance Bad Faith Earthquake Insurance Home Insurance Quiet Title Fraud Fraud Accidents & Injuries