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Reams Law Obtains $1 Million Judgment Against Oklahoma Contractors

January 13th, 2022 by admin

Reams Law obtained a $1 Million Judgment Against Oklahoma contractor, Cadence Homes, LLC (“Cadence”), and its owner, William Bradley “Brad” Yocum (“Mr. Yocum”).

Cadence had filed a mechanics’ lien against their clients, and then sued them for breach of contract. Reams Law filed counterclaims against Cadence and third-party claims against Mr. Yocum, including causes of action for fraud, fraudulent concealment, breach of contract, negligence, breach of warranty, violation of the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act, quiet title, and other claims, seeking relief including punitive and other damages.

Mr. Yocum’s motion to dismiss third-party claims was denied, then Cadence’s claims were dismissed. Cadence filed a motion for new trial, which was denied. Cadence and Mr. Yocum’s first set of attorneys subsequently withdrew. Reams Law moved for default and summary judgment. Based on evidentiary materials presented, the court entered judgment against Cadence and Yocum, joint and severally, finding that there is no substantial controversy as to every claim of the clients, which included allegations that the initial mechanics’ lien was fraudulent, that Cadence and Mr. Yocum had overcharged, that they had charged for work that should have been covered by warranty, that the work performed was negligent and defective, and other wrongdoing. Accordingly, the initial mechanics’ lien filed by Cadence and Mr. Yocum was released.

After a subsequent evidentiary hearing on damages, the Court entered Judgment against Cadence and Mr. Yocum, joint and severally, in the total amount of $1,011,937.44 including $500,000.00 in punitive damages, $125,635 in damages for breach of contract and other wrongful conduct, non-economic damages including mental anguish and emotional distress in the amount of $350,000.00, and attorney fees and costs in the amount of $36,302.42, plus interest.

Upon commencement of collections against Cadence and Mr. Yocum, represented by new counsel, they filed a Petition to Vacate the Judgments. The trial court denied the Petition to Vacate, finding that Cadence and Mr. Yocum had actual notice of the proceedings.

Cadence Homes, LLC v. Christopher M. Prentice, et al., Oklahoma County District Court, Case No. CJ-2020-1258

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