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Workers’ Compensation

Reams Law can help you prepare and file a Workers’ Compensation claim to help your chances of receiving the maximum amount of benefits, and can assist you in appealing denied claims. If you were hurt in a work-related accident or are suffering from work-related injuries, including COVID-19, please contact Reams Law (405) 285-6878 for a free initial consultation.

Many employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance, and thus, in Oklahoma, employees who are injured on the job may be entitled to medical and income-loss benefits. Injured workers must filed claims, which are processed by the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission. In general, Workers’ Compensation is meant to help injured workers get medical treatment and loss of income support more quickly while they recover, but injured workers making claims meanwhile waive in-court personal injury claims for damages against their employers.

While injured employees can filed a Workers’ Compensation claim without an attorney, many seek the assistance of any attorney to increase their chances of obtaining greater benefit recovery and help in appealing claims.

An injured employee seeking Workers’ Compensation benefits must have been injured while doing one’s job duties or as a result of work related responsibilities, such as injuries occurring on the employer’s property, injuries resulting from one’s job, or even injuries at off-site locations if still performing job related work. The application of Workers’ Compensation coverage can often be a fact intensive analysis, and hiring an attorney can help.

There are exclusions to Workers’ Compensation coverage if injuries occurred during drug and alcohol use, a crime, not working, violations of the employer’s policies, or if the injuries were self-inflicted. Again, an attorney can help injured workers navigate the pitfalls which may be used against them to deny a claim.

Workers’ Compensation benefits vary and can include medical, short-term or permanent disability, and death. Workers who are eligible to receive medical only or disability may receive medical expenses including future related costs, wage loss, and even new job training if the claimant cannot do the same job due to the injury. Surviving family members may be entitled to death benefits.

A claimant must follow certain procedures when making a Workers’ Compensation claim, which may including but not be limited to: timely reporting the injury or illness to the employer within thirty (30) days; seeking medical care; attending medical appointments and following medical treatment plan; and filing the correct claim forms with the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Hiring an attorney, though not required, can assist you with making and preparing a claim, and navigating appeals if needed. Contact Reams Law (405) 285-6878 if you or a family member were injured on the job or while doing work-related activity.