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Wrongful Death

When someone you love has passed away, filing a lawsuit is the last thing you want to think about. Unfortunately, it is also important to consider because you have a limited time by law to do so. If you believe the negligent, intentional or wrongful conduct of another caused a family member to die, you should contact an experienced attorney so the wrongdoers are made to face their responsibility to the decedent and the decedent’s family.

What can one recover when making a wrongful death claim?

Expenses for funeral and burial
The decedent’s lost income
Medical expenses before he passing
Household support that is lost
Child rearing support lost
Mental and retirement benefits lost
Economic and other losses as a result of the death
And mental anguish and suffering.

Those who can potentially seek compensation include a spouse, domestic partner, children, parents, brothers and sisters, or other relatives of the loved one who passed. Such damages may include:

Financial support that would have been provided by the loved one
The family’s grief as a result of the death
Compensation lost by the family
Mental and physical pain by the loved one before the passing
Burial, medical and other expenses resulting from the death

Parents only of a child can recover damages which may include:

Burial, medical and other expenses
Anticipated support and services lost
Love and companionship of the child lost
Companionship and love the child lost
The relationship between the parent and child lost
Other monetary injuries and losses
Monetary expenditures in support of raising and educating the child

Wrongful death claims may arise from many differing causes including:

Exposure to asbestos causing mesothelioma
Automobile and trucking accidents
Dangerous prescription drugs
Dangerous medical devices and procedures
Medical malpractice
Nursing and hospice neglect and intentional misconduct
Negligently planned public events
Negligently designed roadways, sidewalks and structures
Dangerous places prone to crime
Over serving people at bars
Oilfield accidents
Factory accidents
On the job accidents
Dangerous toys, bicycles and scooters
Defective airbags and seatbelts
Defective food, meat and vegetables

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