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Injuries & Accidents

Any time you or your loved one is involved in an accident, resulting in injuries, damages to property or even death, it is important to promptly contact an attorney to protect your rights and interests. The same is true if accused of causing injuries or damages to others or their property.

When unexpected and shocking events occur, you may feel like a deer in the headlights, wanting to protect you family or business and do the right thing for others, but unsure how to react. Hiring an attorney to assist you to preserve and prosecute your claims, or defend claims made against you, does not make you a bad person or business. In our litigious world, you can be sure that others are likely to retain an attorney once it appears that liability is at stake, whether they are claimants or defendants.

Accidents and injuries for which you need advice may involve:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Defective & Dangerous Products
  • Oilfield Accidents
  • Product Recalls
  • Construction Accidents
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Fire, Earthquake & Flood Losses
  • Food Processing Plants & Equipment
  • Foreign Objects in Food
  • Factory & Machinery Accidents
  • Injuries to Children
  • Defective & Dangerous Toys
  • Bicycles and Scooters
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