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Has your property been taken by a so-called quiet title action?

December 19th, 2015 by admin

Contact Reams Law if your property was supposedly taken from you by a “quiet title” action without providing you with proper notice.

Aggressive land speculators seeking to make a quick buck may have sought to take away your property rights by filing a “quiet title” action. If you are one of several owners of real estate, mineral interest, or other land interest, a land speculator may try to buy a percentage of the property interest from one of the other owners at a reduced price, and then attempt to deny the rights of all others who own an interest in the property by filing a “quiet title” action.

Your property may have been taken by fraud if a speculator files such an action without providing notice to you and other property owners, and the speculator knows the whereabouts of the other owners. Once an order is entered, “quieting” (effectively cancelling) your property rights, you may have a limited amount of time to challenge the order in court.

Contact Reams Law for a free initial consultation. You may need to take prompt and assertive action in court to protect your rights.

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