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In a civil liability case, the Oklahoma Discovery Code allows discovery of information regarding liability insurance policies, including the amount of the coverage available to satisfy all or part of a judgment. 12 O.S. § 3226(B)(1)(b); and see Tuller v. Shallcross, 1994 OK 133, 886 P.2d 481, 484-485 (holding that the Oklahoma Discovery Code allows

Has your UM insurance company denied your claim on the basis that it is supposedly ‘unable to determine if the value of your insurance claim exceeds the liability coverage’ of the other person who injured you? Has your UM insurer refused to pay your UM claim because it is “unable to determine if any UM

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Reams Law in the news — the Equifax class action lawsuit. Click on link here for News 9 report!

If you have been injured by something bought from a store, regardless of whether you purchased it, you may have a product liability claim against the manufacture, designer, and seller of that product. In 2010, nearly 40 million people requested medical care related to a consumer product. After being injured by a product, you may

If you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident, you’re probably asking whether you need an attorney, and if so, when you should contact a lawyer. The answer is simple: contact Reams Law at (405) 285-6878 immediately after an automobile accident! After a motor vehicle accident, you experience the immediate shock, pain and

CONTACT REAMS LAW ABOUT YOUR PRADAXA LAWSUIT – (800) 593-1974 – Lawsuits are being filed against the makers of Pradaxa by patients suffering from severe internal and cerebral bleeding. If you have taken Pradaxa and suffered hemorrhaging or gastrointestinal bleeds, contact Reams Law. Pradaxa is a blood-thinning drug often prescribed to reduce the risk of

CONTACT REAMS LAW TO DISCUSS XARELTO LAWSUIT – INTERNAL BLEEDING (800) 593-1974 If you have been prescribed Xarelto and experienced internal bleeding or other medical complications, contact an attorney to know your rights and learn more about potential lawsuit. Lawsuits have been filed alleging that the makers of Xarelto failed to warn patients and doctors

Contact Reams Law at if your Oklahoma earthquake insurance claim was denied. Reams Law (405) 285-6878 / (800) 593-1974 NOT BELIEVE REPORTS THAT YOUR EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE CLAIM IS “NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE” – consult with an attorney first! There have been misleading reports in Oklahoma media that damage from earthquakes in Oklahoma is

Ever feel like your insurance company has denied your claim without doing any kind of investigation? Did the insurance company talk to any people? Did it request any documents or information? Did the insurance company come to your house to see the damage, did it go to the scene of the accident, or have an